As a dog trainer, I stress the importance of exercising your dog on daily basis.  Responsible pet owners should set aside time to walk their dogs several times every day.  With busy schedules often times pet owners are not able to maintain a consistent routine and resort to options that could be harmful to their dog.  Fencing your yard is the safest most effective way to solve this problem.  However, the options for a fence can be expensive.  Wooden fences are costly and the less expensive chain link fence is can be an unsightly alternative.  Additionally many home owners associations do not allow above ground fencing.

An underground fence professionally installed by Dog Fence for Less is an excellent solution.  In addition to installing the underground fence, we will help you train your dog to learn where the boundaries are.  Boundaries can be customized to areas you would like your dog to have access.  It takes only a short time for your dog to become accustomed to the boundaries.  After your dog is trained, you can feel confident in knowing your dog will be safe and secure in your yard.

Our goal is to offer the best available electronic fencing products at the most affordable cost.  Dog Fence for Less offers a variety of fencing from basic set-up, to premium fencing with many options all done with heavy insulated wire. We will carefully install your fence and ensure our customer service meets and exceeds your expectations.   If you’re not happy, I’m  not finished.

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