It's warm out, don't you want your dog to have fun too!!

Dog Fence for Less

Affordable Underground Fence Helping Maryland’s Families keep their Pet’s Safe

  • Free underground dog fence estimates, fill out the form below -Or- give me a call.
  • No obligation and no pressure!
  • Each fence is custom designed for your needs
  • Quality Workmanship, I’m finished when you’re happy.
  • All my collars are user adjustable, so your dog isn’t getting the harshest shock.
  • Batteries are far less then the cost of Invisible Fence’s and can be found at most stores.
  • Or get a rechargeable collar and forget about buying batteries.
  • Thick copper boundary wire, with heavy insulation insures a trouble free system
  • No limit to the number of dogs per underground fence system
  • Each dog wears his own fence collar & is adjusted to each temperament
  • Experienced Dog Trainer to help you
  • Most Home Owners Associations Approve 
  • You will have the freedom from having to walk your dog every day
  • Your pet will have more area then a chain or run will allow.
  • Knowing your pet is safe and not roaming the streets.
  • Keeps your pet out of your neighbor’s yard.
  • Costs less then a conventional fence and better looking.
  • Our electronic fence does not spoil your view of nature.
  • Good for even the most sensitive or timid pet
  • Effective after a few simple training sessions
  • Let your dogs run freely, not run away

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